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"are there any questions?"

  • Who is Death?
    Death, the Grim Reaper himself, (also known as @GameswithDeath on all platforms) is death incarnate. When not guiding souls to the afterlife, Death writes, edits, and streams, offering his unique, irreverent opinion on all things gaming. You can find Death (@GameswithDeath) on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok and this site,
  • What kind of games does Death play?
    Death is known for playing Hunt: Showdown, but he is also interested in games like Guild Wars 2, Escape from Tarkov, Sekiro, Dark Souls III, Baldur's Gate III, Slay the Spire, and much more.
  • When does Death stream?
    Death streams on Twitch Fridays at 6 PM EST, and Saturdays and Sundays at Noon EST.
  • I like numbers.
    Okay. Death is in the Top 0.34% of all streams on Twitch. He also has +1.1M hours watched and +100 CCV average on Twitch. He has+5.0M views on TikTok and has a combined +100K followers across all platforms.
  • Who has Death worked with?
    Death has done sponsored content for Techland, Crytek, Evasion, Next Studios, Sharkmob, and The Night Library.
  • What else has Death done?
    Death created Monday Night Hunts and the Bayou Bowl, the largest and most prestigious esports competition for Hunt: Showdown. Death is partnered with Twitch and Crytek. He has also raised over +$6,500 for various charities.
  • Why did Death take [INSERT DEAD CELEBRITY NAME HERE] from us?
    Death does NOT make the decision to take a soul. His job is to lead them to the afterlife. Certainly, [DEAD CELEBRITY] was a very special, unique, one-of-a-kind person. There was just no one who could stand-in or be a placeholder for [DEAD CELEBRITY]. They will be missed.
  • Is Death, Grim from that Billy and Mandy show?
    No. Death is a completely original entity. He has no idea who those people are, but assumes that they are very nice.
  • If I sub/support, do I get to live longer?
    No! Of course not. Why would anyone even think... too... umm... actually... Yes, you will live longer if you sub/support Death. You will live much longer. 100% guaranteed.
  • Death yelled at me on stream. What should I do?
    Take it as a compliment that he acknowledged your existence.


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Behind the Scythe...

  • Creator/Animator of Death

  • Fmr. Historian & Infantry Veteran 

  • M.A., Columbia University '15

  • Husband, Uncle, and Father of Cats

Jef "The Manager"
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